Godaddy Renewal Coupon Codes - May 2020 - 35% Off Coupons!

These GoDaddy renewal coupon codes are tested each week to make sure they work. Save at least 35% off domains, web hosting, website builders, and SSL certificates...


GoDaddy Hosting Coupon Codes - May 2020 - 87% Off Promo Code!

GoDaddy Economy Hosting Plan On Sale For Just $1/Month This is GoDaddy's basic shared hosting package that includes hosting for one website. This includes a free domain name as well, so if you buy them together, it'll be a domain and hosting for just $12/year.


What is Bandwidth? Why It's Important For Your Website

What is Bandwidth? Before I got into running my own company I used to work for a design and development firm where we hosted all of our clients websites. By far the term that came up the most that our clients didn’t understand was bandwidth, and unfortunately this usually only came to light when they got a rather high bill for grossly exceeding their bandwidth usage.


$30 Off Hotwire Coupons & Promo Codes - May 2020

About Need some help booking last minute travel tickets or hotels in your vacation wish list? Well, Hotwire has you covered! The site is equipped with user-friendly planning and searching tools, while it’s ergonomically designed App is user-friendly, making it easy for you to search for affordable last minute travel deals to keep your dream vacation valid.


Dreamstime Promo Codes - May 2020 - Get Free Credits

Dreamstime Coupons updated for May 2020. Dreamstime promo codes for free credits are offered for new customers only.When you sign up for an account at the bottom of the form there will be a box for referral or promotional bonus codes, enter the coupon code there and you will see the free credits in your account after signing up.


Coupon Code Hoster - Promo Codes For Hosting, Travel ...

Want to buy hosting for your website but don’t want to pay full price? Whether you are looking for coupons for Shared (the most popular), VPS or Dedicated hosting plans, we have ventured around the web to find the latest promo codes to help you save some money.. This top 10 list is not ordered purely on the price of web hosting, but an overall score based on the companies’ reputation ...


Expedia Promo Code - May 2020 - $150 Off Coupons!

Expedia is a travel booking website or a virtual travel platform that is owned by Expedia Group. The platform is used for booking several services that are essential when one is traveling. These services include airlines, hotels, cruises car rentals and even vacation.


Godaddy VPS Coupon Code - May 2020 - 35% Off Promo Codes!

GoDaddy Virtual Private Server (VPS) Promo Code Updated for May 2020. Welcome to our carefully-curated list of VPS promo codes for! Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is obviously much more expensive than shared hosting, and the promo codes that work for shared hosting don’t work for VPS, and vice versa.


Namecheap Promo Code - May 2020 - 40% Off Hosting Coupon!

Namecheap is working with a service called “” that helps parents choose the name of their children based on domain name availability. Namecheap is a Los Angeles based Domain Registrar that manages over 3 million domain names. The company was founded in 2000, ...


Priceline Promo Code - May 2020 - Mobile Express Deals!

Priceline is one of the most popular and oldest OTAs (online travel agency). In addition to hotel booking, you might also book cruises or flights and rental cars on this user-friendly platform with the best price compared to other sites on the market.


Travelocity Promo Code - May 2020 - $150 Off Flight and ...

Travelocity Promo Code. Best Coupon Codes Updated for May 2020: $150 Off Flight and Hotel Packages! Book before March 31st and take $150 off select flight + hotel bookings. Valid for travel before September 30th, 2020. Click to Reveal . Get Deal. EXPLORE150.


$100 Off Digital Ocean Coupons - May 2020 - 11 Current ...

Digital Ocean Coupons. DigitalOcean’s Promo Codes Updated for May 2020: Get a $100 USD Credit for New Hosting Accounts This is the best introductory offer we've seen from Digital ocean. Click the link to visit a special offer page on Digitalocean's website. No promo code required.


How to Install a Godaddy SSL Certificate - Step by Step

Step-By-Step Instructions on How To Install a Godaddy SSL Certificate: This guide will take you through the process of adding your newly-purchased SSL Certificate to your Hosting Account.


Hostgator Coupon Codes - May 2020 - 60% Off Promo Code! Coupons Updated for May 2020: Hostgator is one of the most popular Domain Registrars in the world with over 8 million domains. Currently, it is second only to GoDaddy as the world’s largest hosting provider.. The company started out as a side project by Brent Oxley, who was a student at the University of Florida (hence the “Gator” in Hostgator).


50% Off Coupon Codes May 2020 Last-Minute ...

The history of dates back to 1991 as this marked the year when the platform was established. During those years, it used to be known as Hotel Reservation Network (HRN). It changed its name to after being acquired by Expedia in 2002. The website is operated by LP and its headquarter is based in Dallas, Texas.


How To Transfer a Domain Between Two Godaddy Accounts

Since Godaddy's support forums are difficult to navigate, I thought I'd put together a simple step by step guide for how to transfer a domain between two godaddy accounts.


Hostpapa Promo Code - April 2020 - $36 Off Hosting Coupons!

HostPapa purchases green energy tags equivalent to what it costs to run their operations from a green energy supplier, who then puts that same amount of energy back into the power grid. Since running servers and data centers consumes a large amount of electricity, HostPapa felt is was important to pursue using green energy and reduce CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases.


GreenGeeks Coupon Codes - May 2020 - 60% Off Promo Code!

GreenGeeks Coupon Codes. GreenGeeks Discount Codes Updated For May 2020. Welcome to our round-up of GreenGeeks coupons! GreenGeeks is one of the top-rated Canadian web hosting companies. On top of that, they are also known as being the ‘greenest’ web host in the world.


Avis Promo Codes - April 2020 - 25% off car rentals!

Use these discount codes from Avis to save on car rentals around the world. We have promo codes for 25% off, as well as savings of up to $75 per rental.


What is a Domain Name? A Simple, Straightforward Answer.

What is a Domain Name? “A domain name is a completely unique name that points to an internet resource, mostly commonly a website.” There can’t be any duplicates with domain names, so if a domain name that you want to use is already taken you will have to come up with an alternative.