Nutritional Drinks and Shakes for Adults | Ensure®

Ensure® nutritional drinks can help you meet your dietary needs. When food is not enough, fill the nutritional gap with Ensure®.


Meal Replacement Drinks & Nutritional Supplements | Ensure®

Ensure ® High Protein [16 g of protein]. High in protein and with fewer Calories †, this nutritional supplement/drink can be enjoyed between or with meals to provide you with 26 vitamins and minerals, to help you meet your daily needs. † 29% less Calories compared to Ensure ® High Protein [12 g of protein].


Cooking Tasty, Nutritious Recipes With Ensure®

Cooking with Ensure ®. From protein shakes to main dishes, good nutrition has never been easier. Try these great-tasting and healthy Ensure ® recipes developed by the team of dietitians at Abbott Nutrition.


Ensure® Protein Max: Advanced Nutrition Drink

Ensure ® Protein Max Same great Enlive ® formulation. We can lose muscle as we age, due to illness or insufficient protein intake. Muscle is important to keep your strength and energy, and to keep you doing the things you love.


Buy Ensure® Drinks Online Or In A Store Near You

Buy Ensure® meal replacement drinks: Ensure® Protein Max, Ensure® Plus Calories, Ensure® High Protein, Ensure® scFOS Fibre, and Ensure® Regular online or in store.


Ensure® High Protein – Protein To Help Build Muscle

For your active lifestyle. Your nutrition can’t keep up with your active lifestyle? Try Ensure ® High Protein. With 28% more protein than Ensure ® Regular, it is a great option before or after exercise. It can be taken as a supplement between or with meals or as a meal replacement.


Recovering From Surgery With Ensure®

Eating well-balanced meals high in protein can help you recover from surgery or illness. Use Ensure® to supplement your nutrition – your body needs you!


Boning Up On Calcium And Vitamin D With Ensure®

Strengthen your bones & prevent osteoporosis through proper nutrition. Ensure® provides calcium, vitamin D & other nutrients to help maintain bone health.


Managing Constipation With Ensure®

Constipation is a common but controllable symptom for many people. Medications, stress, a low-fibre diet, dehydration, and lack of physical activity are all causes of constipation.


Eating Well During Cancer Treatments With Ensure®

Here are some suggestions for eating well during cancer treatments: Eat small meals during the day. Don’t wait until you’re hungry to eat. Instead, establish a set schedule of certain times you’ll eat during the day and stick to it.


Ensure® High Protein 16g | High Protein Nutritional Shakes

Complete nutrition, high in protein, with fewer Calories. † With 16 g of protein to help keep muscles strong, Ensure ® High Protein [16 g of protein] provides the energy and nutrients you need to help maintain good health with fewer Calories. † 29% less Calories compared to Ensure ® High Protein [12 g of protein].


Ensure® Plus Calories – Gain Or Maintain A Healthy Weight

When you need more. When you need help to gain or maintain weight, Ensure ® Plus Calories provides 50% more calories and protein than Ensure ® Regular. It can be used as a supplement between or with meals, or as a meal replacement.


Ensure® Accueil – Votre corps a besoin de vous – Généralités

Ensure® peut vous aider à faire face à des problèmes de santé, à recouvrer la santé, ou simplement à demeurer actif lorsque l'alimentation ne suffit pas.


Maintaining Regular Bowel Movements With Ensure®

Here are some ways to keep the going good: Get enough fibre. Fibre is crucial to a well-running digestive system. There are 2 types — soluble (mostly found in lentils, peas, oats, fruits, and vegetables) and insoluble (typically found in whole grains and breads).


Living Gluten-Free With Ensure®

Gluten is a protein found in whole-grain products that give breads and pastas their texture and chewiness. But it can also cause painful cramps, bloating, and diarrhea for people who suffer from gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.


Fitting In A Fitness Plan With Ensure®

Think in terms of what’s right for you and what you can realistically achieve with your schedule, lifestyle, and health status. Writing down your fitness goals and a workout plan gives you a better chance of making them happen.


Lactose Intolerance With Ensure®

Treat lactose intolerance by including lactose-free foods in your diet. Add sources of calcium like Ensure® to your meals for complete, balanced nutrition.


Coping With Nausea And Vomiting With Ensure®

Here are some ways to limit nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite: Eat small, frequent meals during the day. Nibble on foods for nausea, such as dry crackers or cereals.


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