DIY Magnetic Double Glazing – Frugal Kiwi

Hi we have done this for all our windows in the upstairs of our home, it has worked great for approx four weeks. In the last week we have had 3 warm sunny norwest days (chch) and the magnetic strips have been peeling off the window frames? really disappointing as one of the windows fell out down onto the ground luckily no one was there but it has been scratched.


Feijoa Frenzy – Frugal Kiwi

Frugal Living, New Zealand Style. Hi Frugal Kiwi, just found your lovely description of eating feijoas. I’ve started a website about feijoas – which at the moment is a tribute to everything feijoa that I can find.


DIY Coke Can Solar Heating Panel – Frugal Kiwi

The panel consists of Coke and beer cans, plywood and a sheet of polycarbonate. We used a whole sheet of plywood as a base, so it is HUGE 2.4m x 1.2m (7’11” x 4′).


Custom Wooden Drop-Side Soap Mould – Frugal Kiwi

After you make a few batches of soap, you’ll probably want to move on from shoebox and yogurt container moulds.This weekend, Frugal Man crafted a lovely wooden drop-side mould for me. It easily holds a 4 lb loaf of soap.


Bath Bomb Fizzle – Frugal Kiwi

Pop into your moulds. If you are going for a tennis ball half mould, overfill both halves then press together. Remove the moulds soon after filling them or you’ll have a devil of a time getting them out and will likely end up with fizzy bath powder/rocks instead of a whole bomb.


Frugal Kiwi – Simple Living, New Zealand Style

Frugal Living, New Zealand Style. What does your morning coffee have to do with your DNA? I recently had my DNA sequenced by 23andme.


Solid Lotion Bar Recipe – Frugal Kiwi

Here is another great gift to give year round-solid lotion bars. These sorts of bars are pricey to buy in the fancy bath and body stores, but easy to mix up yourself at home, taking only a few minutes using ingredients you can buy at most health food stores or your fave online supplier (mine is Soapcraft). Heat equal parts coconut oil (or shea butter), cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and ...


Feijoa Fruit Leather Roll-Ups – Frugal Kiwi

Feijoas are wet, wet fruit. The first time I tried making them into fruit leather, it took WAY too much electricity. This time, I’ve worked out a better system. My new way still takes a long time, but it takes a lot less electricity by simmering the feijoas down by slow cooker before dehydrating them in the oven.


PVC Pipe Soap Mould – Frugal Kiwi

I’ve got a whole new line of felted soaps in my head, but my DIY wooden soap mould doesn’t give me the shape I need. What I need is round, so I’ve made a mould out of some PVC pipe about 2 1/2 inches in diameter.


DIY Mascara with 2 Ingredients – Frugal Kiwi

Frugal Living, New Zealand Style. You know, I don’t wear much make up at all, but I have really light eyelashes (I’m a redhead) and I’d been thinking about getting some sort of mascara that wasn’t supposed to make my lashes thick and long and all these things that really just translate to clumpy, but would just make them a little darker.


Blood Sport – Frugal Kiwi

Torrential rains revealed the chicken coop was not as weather proof as we thought. Frugal Man needed to make a few additions, but he couldn’t work with the chickens in the coop, so they got to have an afternoon in the garden with me standing guard against curious cats.


Build – Page 7 – Frugal Kiwi

Frugal Living, New Zealand Style. When you are renovating a kitchen, nothing is easier than focusing on things you can add- a new appliance, an island- and forgetting what you can remove.


Donating Hair to a Cancer Patient – Frugal Kiwi

There is another program in the States I looked at called Locks of Love. I decided against them for a few reasons. First, they require a minimum of 10 inches, instead of eight and I didn’t want to have to grow out the hair on the side of my head another two inches before I cut it.


Felt Me Up | Needle Felting Soap – Frugal Kiwi

Frugal Living, New Zealand Style. Last week you learned how to wet felt soap to create a lovely soap covered in its own wash cloth/body scrub and a few weeks before, how to make your own castile soap.This week we will take it the next step further and put some 3D needle felting decoration on a previously wet felted soap.


Frugal Living – Frugal Kiwi

Welcome to the Patchwork Living Blogging Bee, our Internet version of a quilting bee. Each of our lives is a patchwork of what was passed down to us, what we find around us, and what people share with us.


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Real Food – Frugal Kiwi

Starting a low histamine diet can be tricky, so here are nine tips to help you on your path. 1. Know why you are trying low histamine. Eating low histamine is challenging and for most people, there is absolutely NO REASON to do it.


Build – Page 4 – Frugal Kiwi

The pantry got dusty and disorganized when Frugal Man bashed down the chimney back in January. I swore I wasn’t going to do any major cleaning in there until he was done sanding down all the sheet rock filler/plaster filler, then we decided we were refinishing the floors ourselves and NO WAY was I wiping […]


How to Design a Soap Recipe – Frugal Kiwi

Frugal Living, New Zealand Style. To make a tallow-based bar with hardness that Ginger Beer Mike likes, but make it more balanced with improved conditioning and bubbles for Vanessa, we went with a recipe with four different oils. The tallow at 70%, is the main ingredient and provides excellent cleansing ability and hardness for the bar.


100% Legal Moonshine – Frugal Kiwi

20 litres of sour mash, a still and 6 families got together on New Year’s Eve. We ended up with more than 7 litres of hooch flavoured like bourbon, whiskey, rum, Irish cream and Kahlua and it was all perfectly legal.