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Entry: hoping to get better use of the support and resistance lines on this trade. the stock just bounced off from my support line and have a resistance line in place to give me a good idea of an exit target price.


timothysykes |

Going through the video lessons on penny stock silver and I'm just amazed at how many of them have such few views. I understand the companies may no longer exist but the patterns are the lesson not the ticker, history repeats itself right @timothysykes?Quit being lazy and study up people, or don't whine when you fail miserably!


Jackaroo |

Jackaroo I took a major lesson from this video. Thank you for sharing, this probably made you a 10x better trader then you were before, and to man up and recap it and make a video of it for others to learn from is class act!!!!!


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markcroock |

Countless hours of watching videos from @timothysykes, @markcroock, and @kroyrunner89, reading books, blogs , and whatever information I can find I'm starting to feel like this just might work with a little bit of effort lol


Pennystocking Silver |

$95 profit LKNCY Long Stock. Entry comments: Buying this late day bounce play, heavy with shorts but not cracking, potential short squeeze into the close, similar to my CYDY play yesterday afternoon, goal is to make 5-10%, cut losses if it can't bounce


Jonk87 |

Thank you. It's interesting to see how everyone shorts. It makes sense to me. I will work on the long first and move to shorts, when the market allows.


dux |

anyone questioning the strategies in the dvd needs to watch it again. and again. rewind parts, put your phone down and take notes. its literally typed out on the screen. ----- up 20-25% pre market (up at least that much) 9million and under float works the best (unless biotech), needs news, and low resistance, before he goes into the strategy he talks about the resistance. its all there.


TimAlerts |

Laptop for chat, iPad for charts. Phone for trade execution. Thanks


$XSPA trade by Splazizzle |

$28 profit XSPA Long Stock by Splazizzle


kroyrunner |

@kroyrunner Hi Tim , apologies for the noob question i am currently creating spreadsheets to track data , i have watched trading tickers and used spread sheet example and found both very helpful. I have split the tickers into separate categories including : market,volume , market cap , float then split them into good , medium and bad day ones.


$XSPA trade by timothysykes |

Entry comments: I bought this recent runner on a little dip off its day highs of 1.03 and on solid sales news, could spike quickly, goal is to make 10-20%, former Supernova here


super_trades |

Ty for your video. FMCI could even just release the symbol itâ s going to trade under for a move. I am curious about it lol


Millionaire Masters Program |

Please retweet this and thank Grittani for an awesome webinar after such a record day for him!!!



@OZARKTRADES How is trading OTCs different from NASDAQs... I know this is a big question, but through reading your blog, I am starting to realize that the OTC market isn't where it once was.


kylecw2 |

Thanks for the videos, Kyle. Even as a new, long bias trader, it's super helpful to see the perspective of the short side. I love the comment you made towards the end of the video about progressively learning how to pick ideal trades, and being able to understand that the majority of your profits will come from a small number of the most ideal trades.


RolandWolf |

@RolandWolf I saw one of your interview video and it's like reading a book. It can be 500 pages long, but you really soak up about a sentence worth that you keep forever. In that interview, you didn't take profits early because you were looking at the "big picture" of what it was doing.


TriAlgo_Hivemind |

-$512 loss ES_F Long Future. Entry comments: This is a trading signal generated by an Algo. This is not a buy or sell alert recommendation. Educational Algo alert.


Huddie |

Just watching this now. Great video. I learn more from live trading like this than I do any other videos. Watching you in an out for 10c in the space of a few minutes is what I needed to see.


$GNBT trade by Androo |

Entry comments: The PERFECT OTC Midday Perk setup. Very high volume, lower float, former runner, holding VWAP, multimonth B/O, hot sector with news, strong close AND Twitter HYPE ALL TOGETHER!