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Free top off for 3,000 miles or 90 days, "Full Service" includes up to 5 Quarts of 5W20, 5W30 OR 10W30 Oil, new Oil Filter, chassis lube. We also perform a test on the battery, and check the air filter, wiper blades, all exterior lights, and tire pressure (and inflate to proper pressure).


Rapid Lube

Come see why no shop is as quick, qualified, or convenient as we are with our 15 minute oil change. Our lube techs are some of the most experienced and highly skilled technicians that love and care about cars.


About Us | Rapid Lube

In October 1981, Rapid Lube, was started by Gary Warren and Al Barnes in Granite City, Illinois. Rapid Lube, was designed to offer a 15 minute Oil change to the public with the most technologically advanced facilities run by highly knowledgeable staff.