These 20 Grocery Stores Are Offering Senior Shopping Hours ...

(Updated 3/31/20) In response to the current Coronavirus pandemic, many grocery stores are opening their doors at specific hours (or days) for seniors and those with a compromised immune system. While only a short term change, I applaud these stores for stepping up and doing their part, especially their employees. Here’s what we know so far.


What to Expect If Your Bank or Credit Union Fails

What to Expect If Your Bank or Credit Union Fails. February 25, 2015 by Kyle . 0. no comments . Personal Finance. I have personal finance on my mind these days, and a list of questions I want answers to. So I figured why not use my blog to start answering some of these finance questions rattling around in my brain.


The 37 Best (and Coolest) Things to Buy on Amazon for ...

The 37 Coolest Things to Buy on Amazon for Under $25. December 9, 2016 by Kyle . 14. comments . Amazon Deals (Updated 3/23/20) It’s kinda crazy just how much stuff Amazon.com sells. So when I set out to find the coolest things that Amazon sells for under $25, it was a daunting task.


All 9 Major Stores That Offer Free Curbside Pickup (A ...

Curbside pickup is incredibly convenient for seniors, the handicapped, and busy moms and dads. Here are all the major retailers that offer this service.


9 Must-Know Costco Employee Benefits, Perks, and Discounts

Costco has always been known as a great place to work, especially for part-time employees. But I thought it was time to take a deep dive into exactly what employee benefits and discounts Costco offers their workers. Perks that just might sway your decision one way or another when deciding to interview or accept a job offer.


The 15 Best Things College Students Should Buy from Amazon

(Updated 8/01/18) Amazon is a great place for college students to shop. Great selection, competitive pricing, and a liberal 6-month free trial to Prime Student which scores you free 2-day shipping and other cool perks. So when I decided to find the best gifts on Amazon for college guys and girls, I knew I had my […]


The Legitimate Reasons Why Some Shoppers Hate Costco

Most folks love to shop at Costco as it offers some great ways to save money if you know what you’re doing. (See: Costco Shopping Tips That’ll Save You Time and Money) But as with any store, some shoppers don’t like certain aspects of shopping in the warehouse. So when I stumbled upon a MarketWatch […]


These Stores Have Made Temporary Return Policy Changes

In an effort to help shoppers, many retailers have made temporary changes to their return policies in recent days. Here are a few of the most significant changes so you can plan your return strategy once stores do reopen for business.


Save 10% at Whole Foods When Buying Stuff by the Case

Whole Foods is expensive, there I said it. But today I have a clever way for you to save some money, especially on the products you LOVE and simply can’t live without. It’s called the Whole Foods case discount and it scores you extra savings on your favorite items.


Want a Home Depot Price Match? Here's How to Make It Happen

What Exactly is the Home Depot Price Match Policy? Here are the specifics of their in-store price match policy: From the Home Depot site, “If you find a current lower price on an identical, in-stock item from any retailer, we will match the price and beat it by 10%.”; All you need to do is bring in the ad, printout or even a photo (of either) with you to the register for validation.


10 Things You Need To Know Before Using Costco Optical

At my local Costco a regular eye exam costs $65 and a contact lenses exam costs $99.. Your $65 gets you an eye exam as well as a copy of your Eye Health Evaluation and Prescription.. You are under NO obligation to buy eyewear from Costco and can take your prescription anywhere you want.. It’s also worth noting that dilation and visual fields may require an additional fee.


Sam's Club Return Policy: Your 12 Burning Questions ...

How Many Return Days Do I Have? Unlimited. Similar to the Costco return policy, Sam’s allows you to return items ANY TIME after your purchase on most items.. See Also: 7 Ways to Shop at Sam’s Club Without a Membership Any Exceptions to the Unlimited Return Days? Yes, there are quite a few note-worthy exceptions.


Amazon Prime Discounts: 5 Ways to Pay WAY Less Than $119/year

Amazon Prime Discounts: 5 Ways to Pay WAY Less Than $119/year. October 3, 2017 by Kyle . 3. comments . Amazon, Consumer News (Updated 10/22/19) Does anybody actually pay the full $119 for a Prime membership? If you’re not hunting down an Amazon Prime discount before you sign-up, you’re clearly losing money.


What To Do When Walmart Won't Price-Match Amazon "Prime" Items

Walmart has a fairly straight forward price-match policy.Essentially, when shopping in-store, they’ll match the online price of a select list of online retailers, including Amazon.com. But were you aware that most Walmart locations won’t accept a price match from an Amazon product labeled “Prime”?


How to Cancel DirecTV and Save BIG (No Seriously...Like a ...

First, You Gotta Call DirecTV. Gather up all your account information and call DirecTV at 1 (800) 531-5000.. You cannot cancel via their website as they DO NOT want to make it easy for you to cancel.. Be prepared for a 10-20 minute process, always best to call early in the morning to avoid long wait times.


All 11 Stores That Offer "Day of the Week" Senior Discounts

From grocery stores to big box retailers, I found close to a dozen places that offer a "day of the week" senior discount. Some even start at 50 years old.


Starbucks Secret Menu: 50+ Yummy Coffee Drinks and Growing

(Updated 2/05/19) I thought it would be fun to do the painstakingly delicious research to come up with the Starbucks secret menu. Items you won’t find anywhere on the regular Starbucks coffee menu but have become popular enough that most baristas know how to make them.


Costco Hearing Aids: Who Makes Them and Are They a Good Deal?

Are you considering buying hearing aids from Costco?Or maybe you already have and are wondering about the pros and cons of buying them from Costco Wholesale.Whatever the case may be, I researched exactly how the Costco Hearing Aid Center works so you can walk in and make an informed decision.


Home Depot Military Discount: Cut Through the Confusion

(Updated 3/04/20) Unlike Lowe’s, the Home Depot does not have an official military discount printed anywhere on their website.This has created a lot of confusion as shoppers try to figure out what, if any, Home Depot military discount exists. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to investigate and see what I could find out.


22 Online Jobs for Teens That Pay REAL Money

If you’re a teen looking for an online job that pays real money, this article is for you. I researched a bunch of companies (and apps) that pay you to perform simple task, answer surveys, go shopping, or even sell your goods or services to the general public.