The 10 Best Scotch Whiskies for 2020 | RAVE Reviews

Vodka may be the most widely sold spirit in the world, but by far the most refined and sophisticated liquor is Scotch. “Aqua vitae” (the “water of life”), whisky has been in production for well over 500 years in Scotland and Ireland.


Best Outdoor Furniture – Rave Reviews

Need new patio furniture for your next barbeque? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve named winners in 7 different categories, but we have to mention the Belleze Outdoor Swing, Santorini Outdoor Daybed, and the Best Choice Products Outdoor Wicker Sectional as some of our absolute favorites. For our full list of the 21 best outdoor furniture pieces, read on.


The 10 Best Añejo Tequilas for 2020 | RAVE Reviews

Hands down, our top pick for the best añejo tequila is the Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Añejo. An extremely fine sipping tequila, Grand Mayan Ultra Aged comes from one of the very best tequila distilleries in the world. A deep and nectar-like spirit with notes of honey, Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Añejo is perfect for those who demand the very best.


Best Bourbons – Rave Reviews

Bourbon is as American as baseball, apple pie, and Jazz—and it might even be more delicious! And like many American products, bourbon whiskey has found its way around the world and into the restaurants, bars, and homes of millions of people. Our pick for the best bourbon whiskey is Old Forester 1920.Harkening back to the whiskeys produced before Prohibition in the 1920s, this spirit is rich ...


Best Bamboo Sheets – Rave Reviews

Bamboo sheets have exploded in popularity recently. So whether you’re a long-time bamboo lover looking to upgrade your bedding or you’re experimenting with bamboo for the first time, we recommend Bamboo Supply Co.’s Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets.


Best Potato Vodkas – Rave Reviews

The quadrupled-distilled, Polish-made Chopin is our top winner for the best potato vodka. With just a hint of the sweet earthiness that potato vodkas are known for, Chopin is a wonderfully subtle spirit that’s perfect for mixing.


Best CBD for Inflammation – Rave Reviews

A California-based company, Fab creates some of the best CBD oil you can find. They use 100% organically grown Colorado hemp, and their tinctures include a range of terpenes, cannabinoids, and all-natural ingredients.


Best CPAP Machines – Rave Reviews

We determined the DreamStation by Philips Respironics is the best CPAP machine out there — especially for individuals with sleep apnea.. First of all, it’s gorgeous. It’s like an Apple product, but it helps you breathe! Second, it is the most prescribed therapy sleep system by physicians in the U.S.


Best CBD Oil for Cancer – Rave Reviews

And among its potential benefits, one of the most exciting is the possibility of CBD for cancer treatment. That may sound too good to be true — and it’s undeniable that, while health fads come and go, many don’t stand up to scientific scrutiny.


Best Russian Vodkas – Rave Reviews

Stolichnaya Elit is part of the new class of premium vodkas. It offers a balanced taste with hints of citrus, spice, and mellow sweetness. Try it once, and suddenly $70 for a bottle of vodka won’t sound so crazy.


Best Rum – Rave Reviews

The molasses-based rums will have a nose ranging from tropical fruit to dark chocolate. Taste / Palate. Tasting is the crux of the experience. As you try a variety of rums, you’ll run into a diverse range of flavors, from fruits to chocolate to spice. Over time, you’ll pick up on the subtleties of these flavors and discover which flavors you prefer over others.


The 16 Best Tequilas for 2020 | RAVE Reviews

After carefully examining all sorts of tequila — from blancos to reposados and añejos — RAVE is confident that Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Añejo is the best tequila on the market.


Best Magnesium Supplement – Rave Reviews

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense magnesium supplement that doesn’t put much of a dent in your bank account, this is your best bet. Even at the incredibly affordable price point, you still get a vegan-friendly, non-GMO option.


Best Coffee Roasters – Rave Reviews

Now, the easiest way to try a lot of new coffees is to go to a lot of different, high-quality coffee shops. (Here’s our guide on the 30 best coffee shops in the northwest.). But the best way to make sure you’re constantly trying new coffees is to pick your own beans to brew at home.. We produced this guide to help you get started as you deepen your exploration and appreciation of coffee ...


The 10 Best Cheap Vodkas for 2020 | RAVE Reviews

A delicious and refreshing drink, this ginger beer, lime juice, and vodka concoction is usually served in a copper cup. Initially conceived in Manhattan by John Morgan, John Martin, and Rudolph Kunett, it was introduced more broadly to the public in California, where it really took off.


The 10 Best Scholarship Websites for 2020 | RAVE Reviews

These days, college is more expensive than ever. You don’t need that stress. Get some help paying for school with the 10 best scholarship websites.


The 10 Best Smart Toilets for 2020 | RAVE Reviews

A smart home revolution is sweeping the globe, with millions of people adopting clever tech that can make daily life a little simpler. If you want a top-of-the-line smart addition to your bathroom, we recommend the Kohler Veil. Simply put, this is the best smart toilet on the market right now.


Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Back Pain – Rave Reviews

Most of us spend hours sitting (more than we’d like to admit), oftentimes to the detriment of our lower backs.. Here at RAVE Reviews, we found a desk chair that will allow you to sail through the workday pain-free: the Herman Miller Sayl Chair.. Our overall best ergonomic office chair proves its worth with stunning aesthetic, ergonomic design, and ecological integrity.


Best Blanco Tequila – Rave Reviews

Here at RAVE, we love all sorts of tequila. But we have a special place in our hearts for blancos, sometimes called white or silver tequilas. Blanco tequilas are some of the purest spirits in the world. One sip and it hits your brain like lightning.


Best Exercise Bikes – Rave Reviews

For the best exercise bikes, look no further than this ranking. Upright and recumbent exercise bikes offer different benefits, which is why we’ve picked the best of each.