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Clones - Strainly

Clones on Strainly. GMO aka CHEM COOKIES (skunks cut - GSC X CHEM D )


Profile of GemSearch Originals - Strainly

Learn more about GemSearch Originals on Strainly. GemSearch Original.... I collect. I trade. I create wonderful varieties. Working on 7 strains for my 2021 Spring release.


GMO / SkunkMasterFlex - Mamiko Seeds - Strainly

GMO SkunkMasterFlex Cut - Mamiko Seeds (Chem D X Forum GSC) Huge yields, super dank aromatics, heavy indica dom strain. A cross between two iconic cultivars.


Secret Formula f2 - Strainly

Strain: Secret Formula. Parents: Wifi OG #43 x Dosidos. Phenotypes: Two phenotypes were found. The more common White Fire OG leaning pheno is caked in crystals stacked on light green buds with a somewhat mild but funky old school skunk and OG smell.


Profile of Madscientistgenetics - Strainly

Learn more about Madscientistgenetics on Strainly. Paid for 1 Runtz with overnight shipping. He sent it 3 day which was actually 5 days and by the time it arrived I was out of town.


Thorsberry - Strainly

Thorsberry F4 from Erik Strandjord is a wild 3-way fusion of DJ Shorts Blueberry, Critical Kush and Sour Diesel. Thorsberry is a beautiful and colorful indica dominant hybrid strain that will produce rich purples and reds.


Mind Tricks F1 (3 feminized seeds per pack) - Strainly

Mind Tricks F1 (fem) Flowers in 56-63 days. Big/Very big yielder. Short/Medium height with great structure, perfect for indoor growers. Her smell ranges from citrus to gassy, sweet cake to banana cream pie.


Profile of Blesscoastseeds - Strainly

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Glueberry Muffin S1 (fem) 3 seeds per pack - Strainly

Glueberry Muffin S1 (fem) 3 seeds per pack for $25 per ea. by Destiny Exotic Genetics on Strainly


Tosh Valley - Strainly

Tosh Valley for $70 per ea. by FullPower Selections on Strainly. Tosh valley sitting at the gates of the Parvati Valley, is at an elevation of 2400 Mtrs.


O-Face S1 (3 feminized seeds per pack) - Strainly

Lineage: OMG x Coma Yield: Heavy/Very Heavy Flower Time: 56-63 days Fragrance: Gas, Diesel and Citrus Plant Size: Multi-topped bush/Tall tree. Characteristics: O-Face is a beautiful dominant hybrid and this S1 is from the breeder’s selected pheno.


Savage Hulk - Strainly

Savage Hulk for $200 per ea. by Spaceyweeds on Strainly. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve your experience with personalized content and ads.


Profile of Aroma Therapeutic Genetics - Strainly

Learn more about Aroma Therapeutic Genetics on Strainly. I can not stan ATG enough. This guy will go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of and his genetics are top notch to boot at reasonable prices.


Pint Sized Clearwater Genetics - Strainly

Clearwater genetics . Pint Sized ( Gello Gelato X Creamsicle 4) Creamsicle 4 is a keeper pheno Clearwater found in Symbiotics Cookies and cream X Purple Punch cross


Profile of Ground Up Genetics - Strainly

Learn more about Ground Up Genetics on Strainly. We love genetics! So, we do our best to travel and gather high quality and hard to find genetics and bring them into our breeding programs.



Ethos Genetics - White Wedding Rbx. Wedding Cake x Mandarin Cookies x CrescendO. 5 AlphaFem™ Seeds. Total Cannabinoids: Over 30%. CBG: 2% CBC: 1% v: .3%


Alien Cheese S1 - Strainly

Alien Cheese S1 for $55 per ea. by LLCSPJ on Strainly. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve your experience with personalized content and ads.


Mint Chocolate Trip - Strainly

Mint chocolate trip By Useful Seeds. 10 pk reg seeds sealed . Mint Chocolate Trip is a cross of Chocolate Mint OG and Chocolate Trip. Chocolate Mint OG is a super strong strain that produces 22-26% of THC.


Unicorn Poop (2 packs) - Strainly

This listing is for 2 packs of Unicorn Poop.. Unicorn Poop by Thug Pug, another insanely rare strain that came and gone, the parents in this strain is absolutely filthy and contribute to the effects of this strain, they are nothing short of magical